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In Kansas, there are approximately 300 crimes that can be charged as felonies. There are approximately 400 crimes in Kansas that can be charged as misdemeanors. There are an almost innumerable number of offenses that can be charged as traffic infractions or violations of local or municipal ordinances. Most offenses can also be charged as an "attempt to commit", "solicitation to commit", or "conspiracy to commit". Server space prevents any sort of individual treatment of these crimes. However, a few suggestions would be in order:

If a police officer is talking to you, you are either a witness or a suspect. If you don't know which, then think about declining to answer until your attorney is present.

 Never plead to an offense until you have talked to an attorney first, no matter how insignificant you think the offense is. Many crimes or traffic offenses have what is referred to as "collateral consequences", meaning things that happen as a result of your plea and the judge and prosecutor were not required to tell you about. For example: a first offense driving while suspended plea generally results in a fine, court costs and probation. However, what nobody tells the defendant is that independent of the court action, the Division of Motor Vehicles will suspend driving privileges for 90 days as a result of the plea. Many people have lost their jobs over such a plea.

 Lying to the police is never a good idea. You have a right to remain silent, I suggest you use it.

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